Guide to our Hair Accessories


Such a modern look - simply pin into place or I can add a small hair comb to secure it.

Suits a range of hair lengths & styles

Brow or Forehead Bands


A simple but striking look for your hair. The small combs secure the piece at the side of you head and the design drapes softly at the back of the head.

Hair Drapes or Jewellery


Possibly the most versatile hair accessory - wear it to the back, side or front of the head or as a headband. Simply pin into place! Weave into a braid, bun or up-do, the possibilities are endless.

Hair Vines


From floral creations to simple beaded strands circlets are certainly very popular and for good reason. Such a pretty look for all hairstyles. We make them to measure so you can have the same design for all ages in you bridal party.



What a choice of looks you have with hair combs - from floral sprays to classic freshwater pearls and everything in between.  So easy to wear - simply tuck into an up-do, bun or chignon.  Can be worn at the back or side of the head and even at the front of the head.

Hair Combs


Another flexible choice - can be worn with any hairstyle or lengths. A huge range of looks to choose from classical vintage to modern chic, floral sprays to sparkling crystals and pearls. The possibilities are endless.